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Lessons learned from the Frontlines of Medicine

Greetings, aspiring leaders, and lifelong learners! As an internal medicine doctor, my journey through the corridors of healthcare has been as much about navigating the complexities of the human body as it has been about leading and inspiring those around me. Leadership, I’ve learned, is an art refined by experience, patience, and a generous dose of humility. Today, I invite you to join me on a reflective voyage through the top lessons learned from my leadership journey, presented with a twist of interactivity and fun.

1. Mastering Self-Leadership: The Cornerstone of Command

Before you can steer a ship, you must learn to sail your own canoe. Leadership begins with self-discipline, self-awareness, and self-improvement. It’s about setting your compass true to your values and charting a course that others can follow.

Interactive Challenge: For one week, spend 10 mins journaling, let your stream of consciousness flow. Get started by answering these questions: What do I really want in life? What are my goals? What is the vision that I have for myself? What are my priorities? Open yourself to the insights that come your way and embrace the newfound awareness.

2. Feedback: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

In the realm of medicine, feedback can be a matter of life and death. I’ve learned to embrace feedback, not as criticism but as a beacon guiding my improvement. Whether it’s from patients, peers, or mentors, feedback is invaluable.

Fun Activity: Create a ‘Feedback Box’ for yourself. Ask colleagues, friends, or family to drop in anonymous notes about what you do well and areas for improvement. Open it at the end of the month and take a moment to appreciate the insights.

3. The Power of Inquiry: Ask, Don’t Tell

Great leaders are great listeners. They ask the right questions and genuinely listen to the answers. This not only empowers those around them but also fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual respect.

Interactive Quiz: Spend a day asking questions instead of giving orders or making statements. See how many insightful conversations you can spark and how this changes the dynamics of your interactions.

4. The Joy of Giving: Beyond the Call of Duty

In healthcare, going the extra mile can mean everything to a patient. Similarly, in leadership, doing more for others than you do for yourself not only builds trust and loyalty but also sets a high standard for your team.

Generosity Challenge: Identify one act of kindness you can perform each day, whether it’s helping a colleague with a task or sharing a resource. Keep a journal of these acts and note any changes in your workplace environment.

5. Mentorship: The Beacon of Growth

No one climbs a mountain alone. Having a mentor has been my lifeline, providing guidance, wisdom, and support. Likewise, being a mentor has enriched my journey, allowing me to give back and learn from fresh perspectives.

Mentor Match Game: If you don’t already have a mentor or mentee, now’s the time to find one. Look for someone who embodies the qualities you admire or someone you can help grow. Set up a ‘mentor-mentee speed dating’ event in your community or workplace to facilitate these connections.

As we conclude this interactive exploration of leadership lessons, remember that the journey is ongoing. Each day offers a new opportunity to learn, grow, and lead by example. Embrace these lessons and watch as your leadership odyssey unfolds into a tale of triumph, transformation, and teamwork.

Here’s to leading with heart, healing with passion, and inspiring with action!

Dr. Avianne Hospedales 

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