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Avianne Hospedales, M.D

Curated Care offers an integrative and holistic approach to primary care with a focus on preventative health and longevity. We customize the care for each patient based on their unique individual needs ensuring that the care is precise and personalized. We integrate lifestyle interventions along with traditional medical practices to ensure that our patients achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

Health Expertise

Benefit from the extensive experience and health expertise of Dr. Hospedales, not just as your medical doctor but also as your personal health coach.

Easy Access

Experience the convenience of easy access to Dr. Hospedales through text messaging, email, and virtual care. Use your insurance for labs, imaging, specialists and hospital visits

Comprehensive Health Care

Gain insights into your overall health status, identify root causes for suboptimal health, and concentrate on key areas unique to you.

Time Efficiency

Membership eliminates the hassle of dealing with middlemen like insurance companies and unfriendly administrative staff, spending more time on your care.

Focus on Wellbeing

With more dedicated time, you can focus on what matters most – optimizing your health and well-being.

Medication Management

Dr. Hospedales will manage your medications, and in many cases, assist in reducing or eliminating some of them.

Note: You can use your insurance coverage for labs, imaging, specialists and hospital visits

Featured in SFBJ & Best of Delray

Dr. Hospedales takes a proactive approach to health, focusing on prevention of disease and helping her patients live longer, healthier lives. This approach is different from the traditional “sick care” approach” Read more in the media section

Curated Care a concierge medical practice, opens in Delray Beach

Curated Care delivers a new vision for preventative health centered around the whole patient. This boutique concierge practice located in Palm Beach County was founded by Dr. Avianne Hospedales, an experienced Internist and certified professional coach, to advance precision and proactive care.

Best of Delray Beach/ Best of Locals

Dr. Avianne Hospedales: Celebrated in the Best of Delray

Discover why Dr. Avianne Hospedales is a leading internist in Delray, honored in the “Best of Delray” testimonials for her exceptional patient care and medical expertise. Experience healthcare that sets new standards.

Certifications & Memberships


Palm Beach County is loving Dr. Hospedales

Dr. Hospedales is wonderful. She was accommodating to a weekend(Sunday) appointment due to my work schedule. I felt at ease explaining my concerns and Dr. Hospedales set up a plan that works for me. I highly recommend Dr Hospedales.
I was really sick and literally dying of flu. I have a full time career and a little toddler, and no nanny- lol. I can’t get sick. Dr. Hospedales was so kind to take me in, and hear me coughing and crying slobbering everywhere, and my temperature was 102. I was a mess. Not only did she chill me out literally, and totally relate to me, she actually calmed me down mentally-lol. She’s like a”Patient Whisper”, for folks with the flu. I was such a basket case, and she helped me to get the proper treatment ASAP, and feeling 100% better ASAP. She’s Just amazing!!! Not to mention, she actually called me back in a day or so to check on me… what DR’s do that these days? This is now my Dr. forever!!!
Wow! Where do you start with the level of service and expertise Dr. Hospedales brings to medicine. I was originally set to see an endocrinologist but boy am I happy I saw Doc instead! From the time I walked into her office I felt at home and that I would get better. She clearly wanted to get to the problem and eliminate any “possibilities”. When you have a question her response time is almost unreal! She makes time for you and also if prescriptions are needed you get the best out there with a steep discount. She is helping me get through perimenopause and I lost, wait for it……19 pounds under her care! Like wow! Talk about a doctor that can help you with your mind and body and Dr. Hospedales is just that! If you haven’t done a consultation, you can’t afford not to. Your health is your wealth.
Dr Hospedales is everything you would wish for in a physician. She is responsive, understanding, attentive and accommodating. Keep it up!
Dr. Hospedales is fantastic. Smart, experienced, responsive, and caring. This is everything you want from your doctor but without the long waits, pretenses, etc. I’m not sure why I waited so long to try direct (concierge) medical care. Glad I found Dr. Hospedales
M. R.

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Contact me today, and let’s embark on a path to wellness tailored just for you. Because in the world of personalized medicine, your health is our priority, and your peace of mind is our commitment.

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Our personalized approach is delivered by our Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, Dr. Avianne Hospedales. Dr. Hospedales is passionate about topics such as wellness, lifestyle medicine and preventive medicine.

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