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What measures does Curated Care take to ensure the limited spots for membership offer a personalized concierge service?

Curated Care, an exclusive practice with limited membership spots, values continuous improvement. By actively seeking feedback from members, the practice ensures tailored services. The ability to provide care in-office, virtually, and through text/email communication guarantees individual member needs are consistently met. Always committed to innovation, Curated Care explores new ways to deliver high-quality care.

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What criteria should I consider in deciding whether a membership is right for me?

  • Provider Preference: Consider whether you prefer a Medical Doctor or a Mid-Level provider, and if you value an Experienced Primary Care Doctor over one with a different specialty.
  • Relationship Priority: Assess the importance of a strong, personal relationship with your doctor, especially as a health advocate during critical times.
  • Health Coaching: Reflect on whether you desire the transformative benefits of health coaching.
  • Convenience: Evaluate the importance of convenience, including the ability to communicate via text and email with your doctor.
  • Health Understanding: Consider if you would like a deeper understanding of your lab work and overall health.
  • Disease Management: Assess your interest in addressing chronic conditions like Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 or Cholesterol.
  • Empowerment: Determine if you’re interested in learning about tools and resources to take control and transform your health.
  • Wellbeing Focus: Ask yourself if feeling your best to be your best aligns with your goals.

Our personalized approach is delivered by our Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, Dr. Avianne Hospedales. Dr. Hospedales is passionate about topics such as wellness, lifestyle medicine and preventive medicine.

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