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Our Story

Dr. Hospedales brings over a decade of rich medical experience to her role as a tenured Board-Certified Internist. Her journey into medicine was deeply influenced by a pivotal moment during her Internal Medicine residency when her mother faced stage 4 colon cancer. Experiencing her mother’s apprehension towards preventive care like screening colonoscopies and then witnessing the dire consequences of this apprehension sparked Dr. Hospedales’s passion for preventive medicine.

It is my mission to help my patients live longer and healthier lives" Dr. Hospedales says, encapsulating her dedication to patient well-being.

During her tenure at a Value-Based care practice in South Florida, Dr. Hospedales provided compassionate care to seniors grappling with complex chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol issues. Seeing firsthand the impact of these conditions on her patients’ lives, she recognized the need for a more personalized approach to healthcare.

Fueled by a desire to effect positive change in healthcare, Dr. Hospedales founded Curated Care, a boutique medical practice focused on longevity and ultra-prevention. Here, she seamlessly integrates her expertise as a Board-Certified Internist with her skills as a professional coach to meet the unique needs of each patient.

At Curated Care, Dr. Hospedales employs a holistic approach, utilizing therapeutic lifestyle interventions alongside traditional medicine to bring about transformative change in her patients’ lives. Her goal is to empower individuals to enjoy a better quality of life, fostering lasting health and well-being.


Dr. Avianne Hospedales

Curated Care Founder

Our personalized approach is delivered by our Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, Dr. Avianne Hospedales. Dr. Hospedales is passionate about topics such as wellness, lifestyle medicine and preventive medicine.

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